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Linkee – Very Clever Indeed! reviews a great new party game from Bananagrams.

Linkee 1“LINKEE” arrives with around 350 game cards, each with four easy to answer questions and one final clue. The object of the game is to link each of the answers together, thus revealing the “LINKEE” or final solution. The final clue gives a very helpful hint to the solution, just in case things do not quite click after the first four questions. We have included an example of a game card with this review. As you can see, each of the questions reveals the following four answers…Giraffe, Cheetah, Leopard and Dalmation, with the final clue being “X marks the ____.” The “LINKEE” or solution is “Animals with Spots.” { READ MORE...}

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“Find It” – Fun for both Kids and Adults reviews a pair of new “Find It” releases from Identity Games USA.

Find It 1“Find It” games are clever self-contained games that come in clear plastic cylindrical containers measuring 11″ long with a diameter of 4″. All of the fun rests inside the container, which is filled with thousands of tiny colored pellets hiding small items. Each of the “Find It” games has a specific theme and the hidden items relate to that theme. To view the items, the container must be twisted, turned or shaken, which allows the items to be spotted and identified. The container cannot be opened in any way. { READ MORE...}

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Crash Test Lab – Can “Impact Jack” Survive a Crash? reviews an interesting new toy from SmartLab Toys.

Crash Test Lab 1A Crash Test Dummy now comes to life right in your own home, with the release of “Crash Test Lab” from SmartLab Toys. This 23 piece set was designed for ages 8 years old and up, and allows kids to actually build a crash cart, position a dummy called “Impact Jack” right in the drivers seat and then test their creation to see if Jack is properly protected from harm.

The “Crash Test Lab” includes a chassis with 4 rubber tires, various rails, posts and bumpers, along with a seat, head restraint and even seat belts. And let’s not forget the most important component, “Impact Jack,” who measures 9 inches in height and, of course, sports his own protective helmet. To get things started, the crash cart must first be assembled and there are several options as to which accessories to include. For example, there is an optional roll cage that can be added to safeguard Jack even more. { READ MORE...}

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Escape the Room – Can You Find Your Way Out? takes an adventure with a new type of game from Thinkfun.

Escape the Room 1Escape rooms have created a world wide phenomena over the past few years. In fact, there are said to be over 3,000 Escape Room venues in existence throughout the world today. Just to make sure all of our readers understand this concept, there are thousands of people that are paying admission to be locked in a room with friends or even strangers, then having to decipher clues left in the room, which will lead the group to a key that will allow them to unlock the door and “Escape the Room.” This is totally a cooperative effort, and all of this must be accomplished within a prearranged time limit, or the group fails, and they go home as losers. Obviously, the participants must be keen observers and possess superior critical thinking skills to come out as winners. { READ MORE...}

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North American Bear Co. – So Many Choices takes a look at a variety of products from the North American Bear Co.

North American Bear co. 1Created by award winning Todd Parr, the North American Bear Co. offers a velour “Tan & White 10″ Dog” that looks both mischievous and fun at the same time. This lovable puppy will immediately speak to your heart and to children of all ages. The little guy is full of whimsical fantasy as he can quickly assume the identity of either a prince or a flying hero, as he sports both a crown and a lush red cape. This quality crafted puppy arrives with embroidered facial features, featuring eyes that express nothing but adventure, perhaps gazing off to snatch a cookie from the counter. The brown soft velour spots on body and head highlight a most attractive dog indeed. His red cape is also embroidered with a royal blue heart with his name, “Woof,” inside the heart in black bold letters. “Woof” retails for $20.00 and can be purchased directly from the North American Bear Co. website. North American Bear co. 2An added accessory for “Woof” is an incredible matching board book, entitled “Doggy Kisses 123,” also created and illustrated by Todd Parr. This is a funny, very colorful and cleverly illustrated board book (with padded cover) introducing basic number concepts, starring “Woof,” of course. Counting becomes a simple delight with large numbers and an illustration representing the number – so simple and easy for toddlers to follow. Each page offers an interactive, colorful, and lovable way to begin counting with your little one, as Mr. Parr cleverly places the number of colorful hearts representing a number of doggy kisses in each illustration. The happy colors are bold and bright, perfect for little ones, and to top it off, these laminated pages can easily be wiped clean. The book and matching puppy would certainly catch the attention of children from birth to age 4. “Doggy Kisses 123” retails for $8.00 and can also be purchased from the North American Bear Co. website. North American Bear co. 3The North American Bear Co. also has a line of quality soft dolls, called “Dolly Pockets.” We are going to review

“Dolly Pockets™ Cinderella Blue,” { READ MORE...}

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Evolution – Can Your Species Survive? reviews a new type of game from North Star Games.

evolution 1The Toys Bulletin staff has never played a game anything like “Evolution.” As far as we know, its basic concept and format is unlike any other game around. “Evolution” explores the world of animal species, having players develop their own species, nurture and protect them. The object of the game is for each player to earn points based on the number of surviving species and their corresponding traits, the population of the species and the amount of food consumed by the species. “Evolution” is suggested for 2-6 players ages 12 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Here, Kitty, Kitty! – Round up the Cats

Here Kitty Kitty reviews a new card game from Fireside Games.

“Here, Kitty, Kitty!” is a game for 3-6 players suggested for ages 10 years old and up. The game has a great premise…it seems that there is an abundance of cats loose in the neighborhood, and this cat-loving community is filled with families competing against each other to lure as many of the cats as possible to their property. Players will earn points for the cats that are brought to their porch or house, and the player with the most points will win the game. { READ MORE...}

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Royal Baby George- The Prince of Dolls from Paradise Galleries

Royal Baby George looks at a new doll creation from Paradise Galleries.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to give the Royal Baby George a hug or even meet him? Well, now you can do both. Paradise Galleries has released the “Royal Baby Prince” doll, and he is so lifelike and realistic, it is truly amazing. This Prince of baby dolls, skillfully created by The Masters at Paradise Galleries’ studio, is a 22″ collectible baby boy crafted by hand with the exquisite quality that is synonymous with Paradise Galleries. The “Royal Baby Prince” features silicone-like Flex Touch™ vinyl which looks and feels just like a real baby. The hugs come naturally, as Royal Baby George comes with a weighted soft cloth body for a most lifelike and baby soft feel. Paradise Galleries has magically created the Prince’s head, using a remarkable 2 step process which gives it the appearance of delicate newborn skin that appears to be glowing – just like a real baby. { READ MORE...}

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