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Adora 13″ PlayTime Doll looks at a new PlayTime doll from Adora.

Adora PlayTime 1We knew instantly that this baby doll would be perfect for a little toddler. At 13 inches and just 12 ounces, the size and weight of the doll makes her even feel like a real baby doll. Our review doll, the “PlayTime Baby Floral Romper,” features Adora’s Gentle Touch™ vinyl with baby powder scent. Her dark hair, brown eyes and button nose give her a very sweet appearance. She is also sporting a colorful high quality floral outfit with a white peter pan collar that complements the soft pink bow on the front, which nicely matches the pink bow in her hair. We also really loved the baby feeding bottle (included) which also added to her charm.


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Aquabeads – Just Add Water reviews a creative playset from International Playthings LLC.

Aquabeads 2

“Aquabeads,” originally developed in Japan, are multi-colored small beads that when pushed together form unique and clever designs, all with the help of a little water. There are numerous playsets available, each very simple to use, and a perfect match for children ages 4 and up. Best of all, there is no mixing or messy parts needed when using this colorful toy.

The playsets include special layout trays with templates to guide the designs. Kids simply arrange the beads using a template, spray with water (sprayer enclosed), let it dry and presto you have a creation. Somehow the water magically makes the beads stick together. Another nice feature is the templates can be used again and again. The possibilities are endless when you can choose from so many different playsets, and even purchase bead refill packs. The sets are very affordable, generally costing no more than $19.95, with refill packs going for $7.99.


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Happy Salmon – Just So Much Fun looks at what might be the hottest new game of 2016 from North Star Games.

Happy Salmon 1 This past February at the New York Toy Fair, there was an enormous buzz about a new game, and it was a loud buzz too. North Star Games had been demonstrating its new game, “Happy Salmon,” and it was noisy and crazy all around the North Star Games booth for four straight days. There were huge crowds of attendees just wanting to see what was going on. The Toys Bulletin staff was lucky enough to get a chance to play the game ourselves, and yes, we were very impressed.


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The Awesome Foam Weaponry of Whombatz reviews a pair of new action toys from Whombatz.

You know every once in a while you come across someone who grew up just like you did, and then you instantly feel like there’s a connection? Well, that’s how I felt when I met the folks from Whombatz (three brothers) at this year’s Toy Fair in New York. The kicker here is that these guys created a product that I knew I would like the minute I saw it.  It was a set of ultimate foam fighting weapons that I would have died to have had as a kid.


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Silhouette – A Unique Shape to a Beautiful Puzzle looks at a new type of jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger.

Silhouette 1Jigsaw puzzles have certainly evolved over the years. It used to be that there were 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles, rectangular in shape and usually featuring an outdoor landscape, or maybe a castle. Then we saw an increase in the variety and types of photos used, along with significant changes in the quality and number of pieces. Next, we saw three dimensional puzzles, which are still very popular today.

With that being said, we were especially excited to get a hold of a premium “Silhouette” puzzle from Ravensburger, since it is so unlike a regular jigsaw puzzle. Although several different “Silhouette” puzzles are available, our review puzzle featured the skyline of New York City, complete with close ups of a NYC taxi cab and the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. But what makes the puzzle so different is its shape. The entire puzzle actually forms a outline around New York, so that the peaks of the skyscrapers and the burning torch of the Statue of Liberty appear almost real when the final pieces are put into place. The edge pieces of the puzzle are designed to take on the shape of those famous landmarks, and it is a masterpiece when completed.


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Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo – A Wi-Fi Two-Wheeled Jumping Camera Drone

Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo in White (Also available in Black and Khaki) looks another type of drone from Parrot.

Having just concluded Drone Week here at Toys Bulletin, we decided to keep the fun rolling with another new and imaginative robotic toy in the same realm.  Parrot is a major player in the drone space, and we set out to test their Jumping Sumo mini drone.

The Jumping Sumo first hit our radar in this spectacular video from YouTube star Devin Supertramp. Even though the Jumping Sumo is technically called a “Drone” this one doesn’t fly through the air. Instead it’s the one seen in the video jumping off tables and chasing the star of the video through the house on the floor via two wheels while keeping an eye on all the action with its Wi-Fi connected camera eye.


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Linkee – Very Clever Indeed! reviews a great new party game from Bananagrams.

Linkee 1“LINKEE” arrives with around 350 game cards, each with four easy to answer questions and one final clue. The object of the game is to link each of the answers together, thus revealing the “LINKEE” or final solution. The final clue gives a very helpful hint to the solution, just in case things do not quite click after the first four questions. We have included an example of a game card with this review. As you can see, each of the questions reveals the following four answers…Giraffe, Cheetah, Leopard and Dalmation, with the final clue being “X marks the ____.” The “LINKEE” or solution is “Animals with Spots.”


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“Find It” – Fun for both Kids and Adults reviews a pair of new “Find It” releases from Identity Games USA.

Find It 1“Find It” games are clever self-contained games that come in clear plastic cylindrical containers measuring 11″ long with a diameter of 4″. All of the fun rests inside the container, which is filled with thousands of tiny colored pellets hiding small items. Each of the “Find It” games has a specific theme and the hidden items relate to that theme. To view the items, the container must be twisted, turned or shaken, which allows the items to be spotted and identified. The container cannot be opened in any way.


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