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Reza Ninja – The Ultimate Laser Tag Experience

Reza NInja reviews the latest Laser Combat game from Gameware Pte. Ltd.

Here’s a great new toy we found that premiered at this year’s New York Toy Fair and it was among the more memorable of the thousands of items we saw – Reza Ninja. Reza Ninja is a line of ninja battling toys that uses their exclusive Reza Sword design to enable fierce ninja battles using laser tag to count the hits.

Besides the obvious awesomeness of combining two things all kids love, ninjas and laser tag, what really sets this apart is the functionality built into the Reza Sword. There’s a small button on the bottom of each one that allows the user to switch from sword to gun mode. Gun mode is ideal when your opponent is farther away and it works similar to other laser tag systems, point at the target and shoot. But sword mode is an all new experience that we’ve never seen done before. When your opponent is close you can swipe the sword up and down as you would a regular sword and acquire points. { READ MORE...}

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Key to the Front Door – Educational and Fun too

Key to the Front Door looks at a new board game from Debra Avara.

While wandering the aisles at the recent New York Toy Fair, we met Debra Avara, an Assistant Professor at Amarillo College where she teaches Sociology. She was promoting a new game she had designed to teach kids all about how to cope with living like an adult. Since it is highly probable that many of today’s teens might find themselves out on their own after high school graduation, Debra felt there was a real need to explain the realities facing young adults starting out with a new job, an unfurnished apartment and lots of bills. She had already successfully presented her ideas in numerous books and seminars, and the thought of learning from a board game seemed like the next logical step. So, she created “Key to the Front Door,” which is kind of a hi-octane version of the board games “Life,” and “Monopoly.” { READ MORE...}

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Roll to Control – A Strategic Game of Placement

Roll for Control reviews a most unique game from Lazy Days LLC.

“Roll to Control” is an entertaining new board game, where 2-5 players compete to control the most colored zones on the game board.

The game contents include 360 Scout markers (one set of 72 for each player in 5 different colors) 21 Caprocks, which we decided was a dominant type of rock, taking the form of tall white playing pieces (2 occupy each of 9 colored zones, while 3 more occupy the remaining 3 zones, one in each), 5 Captain player pieces used to move each player around the perimeter of the board, 2 – twelve sided multi-colored dice, a game board that measures approximately 19″ x 20″ and a nicely illustrated set of rules. { READ MORE...}

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Star Realms – Deckbuilding at its Best

Star Realms reviews an exciting game from White Wizard Games.

“Star Realms” is a deckbuilding game, where each player, starting with an identical set of cards, tries to outmaneuver their opponent through clever play and a bit of luck until one of them is left with a score of zero.

The boxed game comes with 128 cards, including 80 Trade Deck cards, 16 Scout cards, 10 Explorer cards, 4 Viper cards, 18 double-sided Authority cards (used for scoring) and 2 sets of rules. The basic game is for two-players, but the second set of rules explains how to play with 3 or more players, and outlines the rules for several intriguing variants. We will stick with the two-player version in this review. { READ MORE...}

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Slida – A Challenging Puzzle reviews a innovative puzzle ball from Slida.

SLIDA 1“Slida,” designed in Australia, is a 7 piece interlocking puzzle. When put together, it is in the shape of a ball, approximately the size of a baseball. We play tested the “Slida Classic” which is the original puzzle created by inventor Gianni Lavermicocca, who is also the founder and CEO of the company.

Slida 2“Slida” offers a real surprise to those who think they can easily solve a 7 piece puzzle in just a few minutes. To start with, the assembly of the pieces must be done in a strict sequential order. In fact, several of the pieces may look right at first, but users will quickly determine that the pieces must actually be turned and connected in just the right way to make the all important perfect fit. We passed “Slida” around our office and although several of our staff members struggled to solve the puzzle, others were able to get it together in 30 minutes or so. All did agree that “Slida” was a new kind of challenge that they thoroughly enjoyed. { READ MORE...}

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Davy Crockett – A Legendary Line of Toys takes a look back at one of the best selling toys from the 50s.

Occasionally, Toys Bulletin likes to do a nostalgic review of a toy or game from years past. Today, we are going to take a brief look at the world of Davy Crockett.

davy crockett 1aDavy Crockett, born in 1786, was a noted frontiersman in the 1800s, and most famous for helping defend the Alamo, where he died in 1836. But in the 1950s, his fame grew to even greater heights. “Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter,” starring Fess Parker, premiered on ABC’s “Disneyland” TV show on December 15, 1954. It was an instant hit. That first show was quickly followed by “Davy Crockett Goes to Congress” on January 26, 1955 and then “Davy Crockett at the Alamo” on February 23, 1955. After all three episodes, of what was considered to be TV’s first mini-series, had aired, the Crockett phenomenon grew to epic proportions, and Walt Disney himself could not believe his good fortune. Seeing the success of the series, he immediately capitalized on the show by licensing the distribution and sale of all kinds of Davy Crockett paraphernalia. It seemed that every kid in the country had watched the shows, and everyone wanted a “coonskin” cap, a Crockett rifle (which Davy named Old Betsy), or maybe the biggest prize of all a “Leather Fringed Jacket.” The line of toys and other merchandise quickly included outfits for girls, games, plastic play sets, lunchboxes, furniture, pillows, bedspreads, tents, records, boots and lots more. The list would rival the volume of Star Wars toys available today. { READ MORE...}

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Trambahn – Growing a Tramway in Historic Munich

Trambahn reviews a new card game from Mayfair Games.

“Trambahn” is a game that revolves around transportation options in Munich at the end of the 19th century. The types of trams that were available at that time included those powered by horse, steam and later electricity. Mayfair Games has designed a two-player card game where players compete to purchase trains, build passenger volume and earn valuable victory points. The game includes 16 Tramway cards (5 horse trains, 4 steam trains and 7 electric trains), 112 Station cards (28 in each of 4 colors), 8 Conductor cards, 4 Terminal Station cards and 2 Player Aid cards. There is also a Scoring pad and Rule Book. { READ MORE...}

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Kabaleo – Careful Placement of Pyramids is the Key

Kabaleo reviews a very fast strategic game from Gigamic and distributed by Back Alley Traders.

Here is an interesting game that arrived in our office recently. It is called “Kabaleo,” and the game requires players to discretely place a certain color of round pyramid pieces in the playing area. This needs to be done in such a way, that by the end of the game the majority of the colors still in play are your own. This is not as easy as it sounds.

“Kabaleo” is a game designed for 2-4 players ages 8 years old and up, and it includes 66 of the pyramid shaped pieces, along with a handy cloth storage bag. Among the 66 pieces, there are 6 pieces in 6 different colors that are only used to choose each players target color (color is only visible on these pieces by turning the pyramid upside down), 24 base pieces (4 in each of 6 colors) marked with a single color ring, and 36 pieces (6 in each of 6 colors) with two color rings. Depending on the number of players, the rules designate how many of the various pieces are used. For example, in a two-player game, only 4 colors are used. So, in that case, the game requires only 4 pieces for choosing a target color, 16 base pieces with a single color ring and 24 pieces with two color rings. { READ MORE...}

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