An Infant Toy Review: Daisy Box Castle – from Quercetti takes a look at a child’s first building toy.Daisybox2

The “Daisy Box Castle” is an Italian toy from Quercetti and distributed here by International Playthings LLC.  It is a perfect challenge for the littlest of hands, as children as young as 1-2 years old get a chance to build something for the first time.This is a 20 piece set including 10 double size connectors (3 shapes) in 5 colors, 8 single size connectors in 3 colors, a large storage unit measuring approximately 13” in diameter and 5” deep and a cover that serves as the building base.  Of course, all of the pieces are very large, and safe for even the smallest of children.

DaisyBox1The cover fits nicely onto a ledge toward the top of the storage unit.  Once in place, children can begin to build their creation using any or all of the connectors.  There are 19 holes on top of the cover, and each connector (single size or double size) fits nicely into any of them.  Kids can also build upwards as all connectors have holes on the reverse end as well.  By matching certain colors and shapes, a structure will begin to appear.

With the pieces included, do not expect your little one to build a Lego type castle.  Instead, just let them pick and choose whatever particular connectors they desire and place them in the holes and on top of each other.  Parents should work with their children showing them the various colors, the different shapes available, and demonstrating the building process.DaisyBox4The folks at Quercetti have 60 years experience in educational toys, and the quality of this toy is top notch.  It is solid, sturdy and virtually unbreakable.  The “Daisy Box Castle” is designed to promote a child’s mental and physical abilities, and it gets high marks from Toys Bulletin in both regards.The “Daisy Box Castle” retails for $36.99 and can be purchased at

— RJ Cullen

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