Adventure Time-Card Wars – Fionna vs. Cake

Card Wars reviews a new “Adventure Time” game release from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Back in 2011, “Fionna and Cake” premiered as part of the “Adventure Time” series on the Cartoon Network. Their characters, a girl and a cat, were gender spin offs of Finn, a boy, and Jake, his dog that had already proven to be highly popular on the “Adventure Time” series. The series continues to have an extremely loyal cult following of both teenagers and adults, and with that said, “Cryptozoic Entertainment” has released several card games that reflect the “Card Wars” game featured on the TV series.

Their latest game release is “Fionna vs. Cake” and it comes with 2 sets of competing decks of cards (40 in each). One deck is Fionna’s Blue Plains deck and the other is Cake’s Cornfield Deck. There are also 8 large landscape tiles (4-Blue Plains & 4-Cornfield), 2 hero cards (Fionna and Cake) and lots of hit point tokens. The rules are easy to follow and are written with a sense of humor that was greatly appreciated.

Card Wars 2Welcome to the Land of Ooo! To set things up for this two-player combat trading card game, each player chooses their deck, their matching landscape tiles and their hero card. Each player also gets starting hit point tokens totaling 25. The landscape tiles are placed in front of each player, so that there are two rows of four tiles, one with Cornfields and one with Blue Plains. Once properly positioned there are 4 lanes. Each lane has 2 opposing landscape tiles joined together lengthwise. Each player then shuffles his deck of 40 cards and draws 5 cards at random to form their starting hands. There are 3 different types of cards in each deck, Creatures, Buildings and Spells. Each card includes a name, some nicely done artwork, an action cost and some game text that varies from card to card. The Creature cards also include an attack value (ATK) and defense value (DEF).

card wars 4Players alternate turns by doing the following, draw a card from their deck, take 2 actions, consider flooping and fight with their opponent. There are several actions that are available to a player. The player can play a card from his hand, pay the action cost of 0, 1 or 2 and place the card on one of his landscape tiles. The game text will explain any special abilities associated with that card, like an increase in ATK or DEF for a creature card, or the ability to draw additional cards from the deck. Players can also use one action to purchase an additional card rather than play a card.

Flooping is a fun word to describe keeping cards safe from attack. Certain of the Creature and Building cards have the flooping ability. Therefore, a player is allowed to floop one or more cards, with that ability, by turning them sideways (exhausted position) and performing their action, but they cannot fight that turn. Flooping does not use up an action.

card wars 3Finally, all ready Creature cards (those that have not been flooped) must fight. Creatures in the same lane will match their ATK and DEF values, and both will be dealt that amount of damage. Tokens are placed on the Creature cards to keep track of damage. Once the damage equals or exceeds the DEF value on the card, that Creature is removed from the game. If a Creature is able to attack a lane where his opponent has no Creatures on his side of the lane, the damage goes directly to the player and he loses one or more of his hit point tokens. If a player loses all 25 of their hit point tokens, the game is lost.

“Fionna vs. Cake” is recommended for ages 10 years old and up and a typical game can generally be completed in 30 minutes or so. The Toys Bulletin staff thoroughly enjoyed playing “Card Wars.” It made us laugh, yet brought out the competitive juices as the game progressed. After each game, we were eager to play again, thinking we had a new strategy in our quest for victory. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we simply got outsmarted by our opponent. The game also provides the ability to customize your deck, with new cards that are available as well. There is even an app out there, which will expand your options even more.

“Adventure Time-Card Wars – Fionna vs. Cake” retails for $20.00. It should be available soon at your local game store, or directly from the Cryptozoic website.

–RJ Cullen



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