Adora 13″ PlayTime Doll looks at a new PlayTime doll from Adora.

Adora PlayTime 1We knew instantly that this baby doll would be perfect for a little toddler. At 13 inches and just 12 ounces, the size and weight of the doll makes her even feel like a real baby doll. Our review doll, the “PlayTime Baby Floral Romper,” features Adora’s Gentle Touch™ vinyl with baby powder scent. Her dark hair, brown eyes and button nose give her a very sweet appearance. She is also sporting a colorful high quality floral outfit with a white peter pan collar that complements the soft pink bow on the front, which nicely matches the pink bow in her hair. We also really loved the baby feeding bottle (included) which also added to her charm.

Adora PlayTime 2When we received this doll, we decided to play test the doll with an actual 2 year old girl, and have her parents provide feedback to us one week later. The report back was amazing, as the little girl played with the PlayTime doll constantly, instantly falling in love. The baby doll went wherever she did, in the car, on errands, to play dates and, of course, had a special place in her crib at night. She rocked and cared for the doll as if it was her own baby, even feeding her a bottle when needed. They were simply inseparable. The parents commented that “watching the imaginary play with this doll was truly enjoyable; this is a doll that our daughter could play with for many days and years to come.” After hearing those comments, we knew our review doll had found a permanent home.

Adora PlayTime 3The “PlayTime Baby Floral Romper” doll is simply the perfect doll for a toddler. She feels real but is not too heavy to carry around, and we almost forgot to mention that she can even suck her own thumb. Adora has created another beautiful, thoughtfully made doll.

The Adora “PlayTime Baby Floral Romper” doll retails for $39.99 and can be purchased directly from the Adora Dolls website.





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