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cropped-cropped-Toys1.gifToysBulletin.com was created by a group of toy fans and game enthusiasts who wanted to share their experiences tracking down and testing the best kids toys and games available.  The site focuses particularly on uncovering those great toys and games that miss widespread coverage by the general media and frequently go undiscovered by most consumers.

There is no set format to the reviews or the subject matter we cover – it depends on what’s hot, in season, hard to find or really what we are buying for our own kids (or ourselves) at the time.

About the Ratings:
Toys and games will be placed into one or more relevant categories and tagged as appropriately as possible.

Twice a year, we will release a list of favorite toys and games; first in the fall of each year to coincide with the Christmas shopping season, and a”Best of Show” list in the spring based on what we see at theNew York International Toy Fair.

Editorial Staff:

Andrew Cullen

Reviews Editor
RJ Cullen

Contributing Writer
Peter Lythgoe

Contributing Writer
Carol Ryan

Contributing Writer
Mary Kay

Contributing Writer
Amy Goodhart

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  1. Norm Boulet says:

    What is involved to have a game board evaluated ?

    Thanks, Norm

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