A Toys Bulletin Quick Look : Toy Boarders

toyboarders 2ToysBulletin.com looks at some action sports figures from “AJ’s Toy Boarders.”

There is no doubt that kids love to play with small miniature figures of all kinds. “AJ’s Toy Boarders” has released a series of such figures featuring action poses of snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers, which we believe are among the first in the industry. Each type of rider comes in 8 different poses, and are sold in packages of 24 figures each. Every figure measures approximately 1½”-2″ in height and all are green in color, sort of reminding you of the toy soldiers of yesteryear.

toyboarders 1The poses are based on real moves done by today’s best riders, and each of the figures stands fully on its own, all with the help of the various boards attached to their feet. Kids will be able to play with them indoors or outdoors, and we can see these fun little figures doing their thing at a make-believe skateboard park, maybe starring in a water feature in the bathtub, or flying down the slopes after a winter snow.

toyboarders 3The retail price of a 24 pack of snowboarders, skateboarders or surfers is just $5.95. There is even a 2nd series of skateboarders available for the same price. They can be purchased on-line directly from the “AJ Toy Boarders” website.

–RJ Cullen

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