A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: PlayTape – Build Your Own Roads

PlayTape1ToysBulletin.com reviews a new product from InRoad Toys, LLC.

InRoad Toys has designed a paper tape, called “PlayTape” that can be used to build roads for small toy cars that works on almost any surface.  The tape comes in a roll, and currently is available in 3 colors, asphalt black, orange and purple.  You simply unroll the tape, which is 2” wide, and stick it on wood, metal, tile, walls, glass or even carpeting.  You can easily tear it to the desired length, and it is ready to go.

PlayTape3Kids love this sort of thing, as they are always racing their little cars around on the floor, and now they can add some paths and roads to follow.  The tape can also be pulled up, crumpled and disposed of without any residue remaining on the surface.  It is totally recyclable as well.

The price of “PlayTape” runs between $8.00 and $14.00 for a roll measuring 10 yards in length.  Check it out at Amazon.com.

— RJ Cullen

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