A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: Crazy Eyed Birds from Tolo

ToysBulletin.com examines another fine Tolo Toy distributed by Reeves International.

Tolo Crazy Bird 1We love all things “Tolo” and we could not stop smiling while play testing a pair of “Crazy Eyed Birds.” We looked at both a “Crazy Eyed Peacock” and a “Crazy Eyed Pelican.” Each stands approximately 5 inches tall and features the quality non-breakable plastic core that has become a “Tolo” trademark. The primary colors used on these birds are bright and shiny, leaving no doubt that babies and toddlers will automatically gravitate to these eye-catching little marvels.

Tolo Crazy Bird 4There is a clicking noise from head and feet, the main body rattles, the tail is perfect for teething, the eyes actually move and the wings even provide a squeaking sound. All of this for just $11.99 each……a perfect toy or gift for those ages 3 months old and up.

It is honestly hard to choose between the two of them, each having their own special appeal. Take a look at the photos and then visit the Reeves International website for more details.

–RJ Cullen

Posted in Baby and Toddler

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