A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: Chomp Stix – An Alternative to Traditional Chopsticks

Chomp Stix 1 ToysBulletin.com looks at a clever new eating utensil from the Rush3 Product Design Studio.

We actually ran across this item at the New York Toy Fair this past February, and although not a toy or game, it most certainly caught our attention. Rush and Judy Dixon, both architects by trade, run a family business (Rush3, LLC), in South Carolina, and they have created a most ingenious product called “Chomp Stix.” They are actually a kid-friendly version of chopsticks.

Chomp Stix 2There are three different versions included in the “Chomp Stix” line, and each measures approximately 9″ in length. We got our hands on Chum, the blue Shark. Chum is made of polypropylene, and has a separate flexible upper body and lower body connected near the tail. By squeezing each half together, it is simple to pick up food and easily hold it in place, sometimes a tricky maneuver for a small child using a pair of traditional chopsticks. Chum features small teeth in the front of each section making it much easier to grip the food, and there are also a pair of fins strategically placed on top and bottom, allowing children to place their little fingers in just the right spot.  Check out the photos surrounding this review for a better visual look at “Chomp Stix.”

Chomp Stix 3Of course, the idea is to eliminate the need for those troublesome chopsticks.  Kids will absolutely love these, and I for one, think there are more than a few adults who might also benefit from using “Chomp Stix.”  In addition to Chum, you can also choose from Al, the green Alligator and Teri, the pink Pterodactyl. All “Chomp Stix” are made in the USA and are dishwasher safe.

The retail price of any one of the “Chomp Stix” is just $8.00. They can be purchased directly from Rush3. Check out their website for more information.

–RJ Cullen

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