A Reward Chart – Help Kids Reach their Goals

ToysBulletin.com looks at “Reward Chart-Dino” from WOW Toys and Reeves International, Inc.

Reward Chart 1WOW Toys “Reward Chart – Dino” is cleverly designed to encourage positive rewards and help children ages 1-5 achieve their goals. It is simple to use and great for setting goals such as picking up toys, brushing teeth, or even eating green vegetables. The left side of the Reward Chart provides a place to paste a picture of your child, along with his/her name, while the right side of the Reward Chart is used to keep track of actual progress.

The Reward Chart is actually a folding magnetic board, which can also be hung on the wall, if desired. A star tracker on the right side of the Reward Chart is used to mark your child’s progress up a pathway of 10 stones marked with stars and easy to read numbers leading to a cave. Along the path, toy treats are revealed when the child reaches the first, fifth and tenth stars. Each of the toys can be pulled out from the Reward Chart and given to the child as an award. Reward Chart 2The toys are very nice too, reflecting the quality that WOW Toys is known for. The award toys include Chompy – a green dinosaur, Rocky – a cave man and Royce – A stone age chariot. In fact, all of the toys are colorful and very sturdy (and washable I might add). WOW Toys even defines which developmental phases the toys will stimulate from ages 1-5.

Keep in mind that although there are just 10 stars, that does not necessarily equate to days of the week. Maybe, as the parent sees progress, the child moves up only 1 star per week, or maybe 1 star every other day. Those decisions rest with parent and child. The Reward Chart comes in a colorful box which opens like a sturdy book measuring 21 cm. by 29.7 cm. “Reward Chart-Dino” at $19.99 makes it easy on the wallet and big on getting tasks accomplished with a smile. Check it out at the Reeves International website.

–Mary Kay

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