A Girl’s Game Review: PrettyPro – A Complete Makeover Wins the Game

????????????ToysBulletin.com reviews a great game for young girls from the Decker Sisters LLC.

Toys Bulletin has been searching for the perfect game for pre-tween girls, and we think we may have found it.  The Decker Sisters have developed a board game called “PrettyPro,” and it really caught our eye while attending the recent New York Toy Fair.

The game is suggested for 2-4 players, ages 6 years old and up.  I joined our two doll reviewers, Mary Kay and Carol Ryan, along with Mary’s 8-year-old daughter and we played “PrettyPro” no less than 10 times over a two-day period.  We generally were able to complete a game in around 30 minutes or so.

?????To set up the game, each player chooses one of the playing pieces, and a matching sketch pad.  Each sheet of the sketch pad features a black & white outline of that particular character’s face and hair.  Everyone then puts their playing piece on any one of the 3 cities (New York, Paris or Hollywood) represented by a space on the playing board.  The “PrettyPro” playing cards are shuffled and placed in the center of the board, along with the tiara, facemask and beauty block.  To get things started, every player is allowed to color the hair of their character on the sketch pad, using one or more of the colored pencils.

The first player to take a turn must first place the beauty block on any one of the spaces on the game board, except for a city or facemask space.  Players then alternate turns by rolling the dice and moving the appropriate number of spaces around the game board.  Players are trying to complete the makeover on each of their sketch pads by landing on one of the following spaces…..lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, brows or earrings.  When a player lands on one of these spaces, that player can then color that area of the character’s face, and is one step closer to completing the makeover.

PrettyPro3The object of the game is to be the first player to complete a face makeover and be lucky enough to be holding the PrettyHeart tiara at the same time.  The game contents include 4 character playing pieces (Izzy, Zoe, Lexi & Lauren), each with its own fact card describing their unique personalities, 4 sketch pads, allowing players to actually create a personal look for each of the characters, 1 tiara, 1 beauty block, 1 facemask, a set of 54 “PrettyPro” cards, 12 colored pencils, 2 dice, and a pink circular playing board measuring about 18” in diameter. 

If a player lands on the space covered with the beauty block, the player is not allowed to perform a step toward completing the makeover until the following turn and that player must move the beauty block to another space.  If a player lands on the facemask space, that player must place the facemask over their own character’s face on the sketch pad, and that player cannot complete any steps toward completing her makeover.  The facemask remains in place until someone lands on one of the facemask spaces and it is moved to another player.

If a player lands on one of the 3 city spaces during the game, that player must draw a “PrettyPro” card, and follow the instructions.  In most cases, the cards will cause a player to move forward or backward a certain number of spaces, maybe lose a turn, or sometimes direct the player to color an area needed to continue the makeover.
Maybe the most important spaces available to land on while circling the game board are the two tiara spaces.  If a player is lucky enough to land on a tiara space, that player can claim the PrettyHeart tiara.  It is the final piece needed to win the game, along with completing the character’s makeover on the sketch pad.  But, wearing the tiara can be short-lived, as another player can claim it for their own, if they land on that space on a subsequent turn.

This is honestly a very well designed game.  We all enjoyed the game from the first time to the last, and the wins were equally divided between the four of us.  Sure, I was constantly criticized for my choice of colors while doing the makeovers on my sketch pad, but it was all in fun, and my initial embarrassment (as a guy) from adding lipstick colors and blush to the character faces quickly passed. 

The game moved fast enough even for our 8 year old.  She especially enjoyed the drawing part of the game, and we noticed she kept all of her sketches, saying she wanted to show her friends.  “PrettyPro” is more than just a game; it is basically an art project as well, challenging little girls to complete the best and most colorful makeover around.  Even when our little girl lost a game, she always grabbed one or more of the colored pencils and completed her sketch anyway.  It was that important to her.

This is a new game and we congratulate the Decker Sisters for a first rate product.  “PrettyPro” retails for just $24.00 and can be ordered from their website.  Here is a link directly to the PrettyPro game.

— RJ Cullen

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