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ToysBulletin.com reviews a fast moving card game from Mayfair Games, Inc.

6 nimmt! 1“6 nimmt!” is an easy to learn card game designed for 2-10 players ages 10 years old and up. This a number game which includes 104 cards, numbered from 1-104, with each card containing 1-7 bullheads on each card. The cards are of varying colors each containing a specific number of bullheads pictured on each card…white cards-1 bullhead, blue cards-2 bullheads, green cards-3 bullheads and red cards-5 bullheads. In addition, the number 55 card contains 7 bullheads. A bullhead is just that, an outline of a bull, horns and all. In fact, the winner of the game is determined by counting the number of bullheads on cards picked up during the game by each player. The player with the “fewest” bullheads wins the game.

To set things up, all of the cards are shuffled, and each player is dealt 10 cards to form their hand. Next, 4 cards from the remaining deck are placed in the center of the table face up to mark the beginning of 4 rows of cards. Any remaining cards are set aside and not used for this round of the game.

To begin play, every player simultaneously reveals one card from their hand. The player with the lowest valued card plays first, and then the player with the next lowest card plays second and so on. To make a play, the card must be placed directly to the right of one of the 4 starting cards, and there can be no more than 5 cards in any row. All players must follow these 4 rules.6 nimmt! 3

  1. A card added to a row must be at least one number higher than the card to the left. (For example, card number 21 could be played next to card number 13, but not next to card number 34).
  2. If a card can be added to more than one row, it must be added next to the card in the row where the card value is closest to the card being played. (For example, card number 21 must be played next to card number 19, rather than next to card number 5 because the difference is only 2 [21-19] compared to 16 [21-5]).
  3. If the only play for a card is to position it as the 6th card in a row (remember there is a max of 5 cards in a row), that player must pick up all of the cards and his card becomes the first card in the row. (For example, a player is trying to play card number 64 and the last card in each of the rows is as follows…63, 91, 77 and 84. The player can play card number 64 next to card number 63, but unfortunately card number 63 is the 5th card in the row, so he must pick up all 5 of the cards in that row, and play his card number 64 as the first card in the row).
  4. If a player’s card number is lower than all of the last cards played in every row, that player must pick up all of the cards in a row of his choice, and place his card as the first card in the row. (For example, the player has card number 16, and the last card in all 4 rows is higher than 16. But, there is only 1 card in the first row, and that card contains only 1 bullhead, so he chooses to pick up that card and places his card number 16 as the first card in that row. A single bullhead should not hurt his chances of winning)

6 nimmt! 2This is quite a card game, and because it can accommodate up to 10 players, it is a great party game. Players can play as many rounds as desired, although the rules suggest the game ending when one player totals 66 bullheads over as many rounds as that might require. At that point, the player with the “fewest” bullheads is declared the winner. The more the game is played, players will begin to see there is a lot of strategy relating to choosing the order of the 10 cards to be revealed, and the need for careful consideration as to which row to play a card, especially at the beginning stages of a round when several rows may be available to a player.

“6 nimmt!” retails for just $13.00 and it is available for purchase directly from the Mayfair Games website.

–RJ Cullen


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