Game Review: 5ive Straight from Winning Moves Games – Place the Pegs, Win the Game reviews a classic game from Winning Moves Games.


“Winning Moves Games” has released an updated version of “5ive Straight,” a well-known strategy game that has had a huge following for a number of years.  This re-issued game includes a plastic pegboard that measures approximately 11” x 11”, 3 sets of colored pegs (50 in each set) and a deck of 100 cards numbered from 0 to 99. 


The object of the game is to be the first player to successfully place five pegs in a row on the numbered pegboard, either diagonally, horizontally or vertically.  Of course, the competing players also try to block each other, by placing one of their pegs along the same path.

“5ive Straight” is suggested for 2-9 players, and can be played in teams, depending on the number of players.  “Winning Moves Games” recommends the game for those 8 years old and up, with an average game time of 25-45 minutes. 


To begin the game, one set of colored pegs is assigned to each player (team), and 4 cards are dealt to each player (team).  The remaining cards are placed face down to form a draw pile.  The pegboard, which contains 100 numbered squares, each with a hole in its center, is used to place the pegs.


Players alternate turns, and must do one of the following on each turn:

  1. Play a card from their hand, and place a peg in a numbered square that is equal to or higher than the number on the card.
  2. If a player has less than 4 cards in their hand, they can draw a new card from the draw pile, but they cannot play any card or place a peg until their next turn.

The game continues until a player (team) places five of their pegs in a row and immediately wins the game.  This may sound simple enough, but there is good bit of strategy involved in the timing and placement of the pegs.

We actually play tested this game on two consecutive nights, each time with two different players.  The first night, “5ive Straight” was played with a married couple in their 40s, and the second night, the game was played with two teenage brothers, who had assisted us several times before.  We played 3 games each night, and finished in less than 2 hours on both occasions.  All four players were ready to play after minimal instructions, so we were able to simply observe and watch as the games played out.


The husband won all three games the first night, which may have been a mistake on his part, based on the frown on his wife’s face after her third loss.  In this case, the husband was quicker to see the strategy of keeping lower numbered cards, and the timing of his placements and blocking was nearly perfect all night.


On the second night, each game was a true battle, as both brothers seemed to play similar defensive games.  Because of that, there was more luck involved in determining the winner of each game, all based on the draw cards.  Their games seemed less about strategy, and more about making key blocking maneuvers.


Although the players attacked the game in a much different manner each night, they all had similar opinions regarding “5ive Straight.”  They thought it was fast moving, easy to learn, challenging to master, and very competitive fun.  Even the wife from night one, agreed that she wanted to play again.  She suggested, “It really takes a few games to get the hang of things.”  Although, we thought she made a good point, her husband only smiled.


“5ive Straight” retails for $20.95 and can be purchased at
-- RJ Cullen


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