The Struggle for Catan – A Great Addition to the Catan Series


For fans of the original “The Settlers of Catan” game, “The Struggle for Catan” is a very welcome complementary game (not an expansion set) that stands completely on its own.  It allows players to learn many of the basics of the Catan game series without having to invest as much time in setup and game play.

“The Struggle for Catan” is suggested for 2-4 players, ages 8 years old and up, and comes with 67 resource cards and 42 building cards.  The winner of the game is the first to accumulate 10 victory points through a combination of building roads, settlements, cities, city expansions and obtaining knights. 

The setup is very easy, and basically begins with each player taking a settlement, a road and a building costs card.  On alternating turns, players can trade resource cards, build with a building card, and generally draw two additional resource cards.


Resource cards can be traded with an opponent, at the market, or with the draw stack of resource cards.  The ability to trade is a very important step toward obtaining the resources needed to build.  Once a player has that right combination of resources, they can build a road, settlement, city, and city expansion or add a knight.  Victory points are earned as you continue to build.  But, be careful, in certain situations, roads and knights can pass from one player to another, changing the direction of the game.

“Mayfair Games” has also introduced a fantastic learning tool on the Internet.  By going to you can learn to play “The Struggle for Catan” without having to read the rulebook.


We had to test “The Struggle for Catan” with true gamers over at the game store.  We arranged for 4 youngsters, all teenagers, to play the game.  Each of them had indicated that they had played the original “The Settlers of Catan” game, and were anxious to try a shorter version.  We met on a Saturday afternoon, and the store manager had already set up tables before we arrived.  We explained the rules and had each of the players review the resource and building cards.  From the looks on their faces, we knew they were ready to play.


We were able to get in 3 games in less than 2 hours, and all of the players were impressed with the easy set up and fast game play.  It was hard to believe, but one of the kids actually won all 3 games.  There may have been a bit of luck involved, but he just seemed to have a knack at making the right decisions throughout the day. 


Other comments included...

”I actually liked playing with only cards and no complicated game board.”

“The time flew by, even though I didn’t win a game.”

“I may just take this game home with me when you guys aren’t looking.”

“Mayfair does make great games.”


“The Struggle for Catan” retails for just $15.00, and can be purchased at
-- RJ Cullen


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