2 in 1 – 3D Puzzle

ToysBulletin.com reviews a unique type of puzzle from PlaSmart Inc.

Plasmart digger 1Think of how much fun it would be to put together an old fashioned jigsaw puzzle and then see it come to life in a three dimensional form. Well, PlaSmart has created just such a puzzle for kids ages 4 years old and up. There are actually 3 different puzzles to choose from, a 71 piece airplane, a 65 piece fire truck or a 65 piece construction digger. The puzzles are called “2 in 1 –  3D Puzzles,” and they are a blast for sure.

Plasmart digger 2To get things started, the child puts together the original traditional puzzle on a flat surface, and when the little one is done admiring his work, he or she can use those same pieces to assemble a 3D version. The box even has a colorful background inside, so it acts as the perfect play area for the new creation.

We play tested this with two young children, one 4 years old and the other 7 years old. Although the 4 year old may have needed a bit more adult help to complete the puzzle challenges, both kids loved the final product, carrying the 3D version around the house making sounds like the real thing. We also liked the large size pieces which helped not only during the 2D phase of the puzzle, but also simplified the 3D puzzle.

Plasmart 3We believe this will be an exciting toy that will have broad appeal to a wide age range of children. Be sure to check out the photos attached to get an idea of the 2D and 3D version of the construction digger. Each of the “2-1 – 3D Puzzles” retails for just $9.99. Go directly to the Plasmart website for more information.

–RJ Cullen

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